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Camp Summit
Children's Pictures

Tina, the Director of the Camp, asked the students to draw a picture and a sentence about something that impressed them about the presentation.

ahsiym nor. flag
“Norwegian flag” by Ahsiym, Age 9
devra nor. flag
“Norwegian flag” by Devra, Age 7
unknown nor flag
“Norwegian flag” by unknown
rory, nor. house
“Mr. Kleiner’s House in Norway”
by Rory, Age 6

There was only one slide of the house and it was the first one.
anthony, nor. school
“School in Norway” by Anthony, Age 7
This is interesting because there were only pictures of the outside of the school. He imagined what the inside might have looked like.
charda nor. school
“School in Norway” by Charda, Age 6
devra, wooden car I made
Wooden car I made in wood shop class
in Norway.
“I like the car because you (Daddy) made it in school.” by Devra, Age 7
wooden car I made, Matthew
“I loved the car because Daddy made it.”
by Matthew, Age 7
wooden car I made., chuck
“I like the car because it looks old and looks like one I have at home.” by Chuck, Age 8
wooden car I made, Julian
“It’s cool.” by Julian, Age 6
Nasir, Holmenkollen Ski Jump
“I liked when Mr. Kleiner told us about the (Holmenkollen) ski jump.” by Nasir, Age 8
amber, skiing in Norway
Skiing in Norway by Amber, Age 8
moutains,. Julian
“Mountains so high,” by Julian, Age 6

Mountains, Sara
“I liked when I was told that sometimes the clouds touch the mountains,” by Sara, Age 8

Mountains by Sydney, Age 7
Waterfall, Alexei
The Waterfall by Alexei, Age 8
(Could be Kjofossen, largest waterfall in Norway)
Andrew, water
“Water” by Andrew, Age 6

Waterfall, Armand
“Waterfall” by Armand, Age 8

original Rauland photo
Picture on June day in village of Rauland
Savion, Rauland picture
Picture by Savion, Age 8

Tamsin, Sundown
Sundown at 10:30 p.m. on an August night in Stamsund above the Arctic Circle
by Tamsin, Age 6

Sundown at 10:30 p.m. on an August night in Stamsund above the Arctic Circle
by Kenneth, Age 7

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