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Below are important links to Norwegian-American and American-Norwegian organizations, associations, college study programs in the United States and Norway.

1. Royal Norwegian Embassy, Washington, D.C.
http://www.norway.org is the official web site for information about Norway in the U.S.
“The Press and Cultural section of the Embassy promotes a wide range of Norwegian and Nordic cultural events including concerts, exhibitions, lectures, festivals, and films, and works in close cooperation with the U.S. branch of the Norwegian Information Service, based in New York. The section stays in contact with Norwegian and American media, Congressional offices, and research and cultural institutions. Press and Cultural staff members provide information; assist with arranging speakers; and distribute and loan books, posters, photographs, and art for use in exhibitions. The office publishes News of Norway, whose eight issues per year cover Norwegian politics, economy, and culture, while highlighting Norwegian-American news and features. ”

2. Norway.com/Norwegian-American Foundation, Seattle
“The Norwegian American Foundation was created in 2001 with the vision of furthering cooperation between Norwegian American organizations throughout the United States, along with strengthening ties between Norway and individuals who through interest or ancestry have a special relationship to the country. The foundation…also aims to present modern Norwegian society and culture to an American audience, as well as communicate the contributions Norwegian Americans have made to their adopted country. To date, nearly 900 organizations are listed in the Norwegian American Foundation’s database and directory, along with 40,000 individuals sharing an interest in Norwegian American culture. www.norway.com serves as the Foundation’s point of contact, visited by more than 600,000 users each month.
Norway.com is owned 100% by the Norwegian American Foundation and the Norse Federation...”

3. Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York
“The Consulate General in New York provides consular services in the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia. The Consulate General administers 8 Honorary Consulates/Consulates General under its jurisdiction.
The Norwegian Information Service’s jurisdiction is nationwide, and so it serves all of the United States, in cooperation with the Embassy and the other Consulates General. It provides information on Norway to the American public and facilitates cultural and educational exchange between the two countries.”

4. ScanSelect, Inc./Scandinavian Specialties, Seattle
“The leader in Scandinavian foods and imports based in Seattle, is now carrying Beyond the Cold. Scandinavian Specialties first opened its doors in April of 1962 under the name of Norwegian Sausage Company...The current owners moved the store to a new, larger location in Ballard where there is now enough space to have their import business (ScanSelect, Inc.) in the same location. A small cafe was added and now authentic Scandinavian lunch is served daily. With the move we were also able to expand our Scandinavian gift items, books, CDs, etc., and have a large selection. We are currently working on getting those items added to the web site. Since we import (our quality Scandinavian foods and products) directly from Scandinavia, the owners travel regularly to Scandinavia to look for new products.”

5. Royal Norwegian Consulate General, Houston
6. Royal Norwegian Consulate General, Minneapolis
7. Consulate General, San Francisco
8. Royal Norwegian Embassy in Canada

9. Nordmanns-Forbundet (Norwegian Federation)/Norseman, Oslo
“NF seeks to strengthen cultural and personal ties between Norway and Norwegians abroad, as well as their descendants and friends of Norway throughout the world. NF has members and chapters around the world. Membership is open to all persons. The Norseman is our English language magazine, with news and features about Norway-related individuals, topics and events and is published in January, March, May, September (double issue), and November. In addition we have a Norwegian language magazine called Hjemme og Ute.” Michael has written articles for The Norseman, which will be reviewing Beyond the Cold.
Norway-America Association
10. Norwegian Tourist Board/Visit Norway

11. Innovation Norway Official Travel Guide to Norway
“Innovation Norway is a new organisation that took over the tasks of the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund, the Norwegian Trade Council, the Govt. Consultative Office for Inventors and the Norwegian Tourist Board on 1 January 2004. We give local ideas global opportunities. Innovation Norway offers products and services to help develop the regions, increase innovation in industry throughout Norway, and promote Norwegian industry and Norway as a tourist destination. With offices in all Norwegian counties and in more than 30 countries worldwide, it is easy to contact us. Our staff has knowledge of local and international factors that will help turn our customers’ ideas into business successes. entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises with a potential for growth.”

12. International Summer School, University of Oslo, Norway
13. International Summer School North American Administrative Office, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN
14. Five Stars of Scandinavia Travel Agency, Olympia, WA (they have booked some of my trips and are mentioned in the book)
15. Scandinavian Airlines System -- official airline of Scandinavia
16. Sons of Norway
“a fraternal organization, has its international headquarters in Minneapolis. The organization has approximately 400 lodges and 65,000 members in North America and Norway.”

17. The Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA)
“ collects and preserves the stories and records of Norwegian immigrants who settled in the U.S.”

18. Norwegian American Foundation
The mission of the Norwegian American Foundation is to further cooperation among all Norwegian American organizations and to strengthen the ties between Norway and people throughout North America, who through ancestry and interest have a special relationship with Norway.”

19. Vesterheim Norwegian-American Immigration Museum, Decorah, IA
“The Museum was established in 1877, and is regarded as a leading ethnic museum in the United States.”

20. Nordic Heritage Museum
21. Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce Mid-AtlantiC
22. The Sandinavia House, The Nordic Center in America,NY
“Scandinavia House is the headquarters of The American-Scandinavian Foundation, an American non-profit organization that works to build cultural and educational ties between the United States and Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Scandinavia House offers a wide range of programs, including art, design, and historical exhibitions as well as film series, concerts, lectures, symposia, language courses, and children’s programs that illuminate the contemporary vitality of the Nordic countries. ”

23. The Ameican-Scandinavian Foundation, New York

“Founded in 1910, The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) serves as the leading educational and cultural link between the United States and Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. It is a publicly-supported American non-profit organization that provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and cultural understanding. The ASF has an extensive program of fellowships, grants, trainee sponsorship, publishing, and membership offerings. Each year, the ASF awards nearly $1 million in fellowships and grants to individual students, scholars, professionals, and artists for projects abroad as well as for public projects involving cultural exchange in the arts. The ASF's training program enables young Americans and Scandinavians to receive practical, on-the-job experience in a wide variety of fields while living abroad.

24. Augsburg College

25. Augustana College

26. California Lutheran University

27. Concordia College

28. Luther College

29. St. Olaf College

30. Pacific Lutheran University /Scandinavian Cultural Center

31.Leif Ericson Viking Ship Norseman of Philadelphia

32. The Norwegian Emigrant Museum, Hamar, Norway

33. National Library of Norway
“Useful information about this premier source of information concerning Norway, Norwegians and Norwegian culture. Unique collections of manuscripts, special collections.

34. American Coordinating Council of Norway
“The American Coordinating Council of Norway (ACCN) is a non-profit council of American organizations founded in 1985. Acting as an umbrella organization, the ACCN offers our member organizations the ability to extend their horizons by providing a network to other American and Norwegian-American groups in Norway. Our common bond and main objective is an interest in furthering Norwegian-American relations here in Norway and strengthening the bonds between Norway and the United States.”

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