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See the breadth of talent of Infinity Published authors

Why choose Infinity Publishing to publish your book? In two words, they care. In more than two, you work with Infinity, not against them. You have control and final say over the content and cover of the book. The product is yours. When you communicate with a representative from Infinity, they know who you are and treat you with respect and often, there is humor. And there is the annual Express Yourself™ Conference. For seven years, they have brought together among the best in the book publishing industry, who in various seminars advise authors -- whether they published with or plan to publish with Infinity or not -- on the best ways to promote books. One-on-one sessions allow authors to gain private counsel and everybody sits together at meals. At the conference in October, 2006, though, something special happened. Authors wanted to talk to other authors. After a long day of seminars and dinner on opening day, 20-30 people gathered to read excerpts from each of their books. It was a remarkable event, beyond what author/organizer Carol Welsh could have imagined. After each reading there was a "Wow." People were overwhelmed by the quality of the writing. It proved Infinity -- and POD -- authors can write. The event had to be continued the next night. The creation of an Infinity Authors’ community took root. Authors bought each other’s books. Donna Jaske ran around gathering web site addresses so we could have reciprocal links to each other. In the next couple of months, Lois W. Stern gathered a database of authors and their books, which I expand upon below. The list indicates a wide variety of topics. The descriptions are written by the authors. Most of the books are available on Buy Books on the Web. The selections are for promotional purposes and do not necessarily imply a recommendation. You can visit Buy Books on the Web or the author’s web site for the glowing reviews. At the 2007 Conference, Susan C. Haley, Lois W. Stern, Michael Kleiner, Donna Jaske, along with Jerry D. Simmons, former VP of Time-Warner Books, presented a panel: From Networking to Marketing: Authors Helping Authors. The reading circle happened again. At the bottom of the page are links to podcasts of the panel and reading circle.



Hidden Knowledge

By John Ackerman
Interpretations of the hidden knowledge in the sacred myths of all ancient cultures revealing many close encounters of Mars, Venus and Mercury with the Earth.

witness unalive

Witness Unalive
By Sharon Burtner
When you receive an organ transplant, what else do you get? In Burtner’s
psycho-spiritual thriller the recipient of a kidney becomes obsessed with a man
he has never met.
transforming moments: the miracle workbook

Transforming Moments:
The Miracle Workbook

By Sharon Burtner
By exploring the seen and unseen world,
Transforming Moments: the Miracle Workbook
encourages the reader
to celebrate his/her own unique, miraculous life.


Prosperity Through Partnership

By Jean Charles
The ultimate guide for building
a successful business
with your life partner

lead your way to better healthcare

Lead Your Way to Better Healthcare:
Help Doctors Help You

By Margo Corbett
The quality of story you tell and how you tell it can make the difference between life and death. You can save time, money and your life.

seven secrets for girls

7 Secrets for Girls ~
Simple Solutions to Survive Boys & Stay Sane

By Dari Dyrness-Olsen
The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world. Prevent this from happening to your daughter, granddaughter, or girl you love by getting
her this book

diamond princess

Diamond Princess
By Bev Faitz
After their parents tragic death, Lacy, the youngest of four siblings, falls in love with the new horse vet. Through humor, heartbreak and lots of love, they survive.

lost diamond man

Lost Diamond Man
By Bev Faitz
In this sequel to Diamond Princess, Lacy’s twin brother sets out to establish himself in his own right. Several plot twists
and lots of steamy sex.

so so wisdom

So So Wisdom:
The Misplaced Teachings
of So So Gai

By Matthew J. (Matt) Goldberg
Irreverent humor of a fictitious philosopher,
giving keys to a so-so life.

mixed emotions

Mixed Emotions:
Poetry For The Open-Minded

By Matthew J. (Matt) Goldberg
A most eclectic, “accessible” batch of original poems.

memoirs of an american housewife in Japan

Memoirs of an
American Housewife
in Japan

By Pauline Hager
An American housewife’s husband is offered a position in Japan to work on a multinational project. After much
soul-searching they accept, and their lives are never the same. Living in the countryside in housing specifically designed for Westerners, surrounded with friendly neighbors from The European Union, Canada, Russia and America, they thrive. Pauline gingerly maneuvers through complicated rules of Japanese social behavior, never knowing when a simple faux pas would be construed as an intolerable violation of proper conduct. Life in Japan was a challenge, but a close network of Japanese and fellow expatriate friends enabled the Hagers to triumph.

rainy day people

Rainy Day People:
A Novel

Susan C. Haley
Will Amber convince Ben that truly living life isn’t over until the last breath is drawn? Will she discover it herself? A story of hope and inspiration for the mature of heart.

Enjoy Often by John Harnish

Enjoy Often
John Harmish
This is a collection of 30 short stories, odes, essays, and ramblings that are a reflection of some of the forgotten joys that might have been lost in the sands of time during our endless quest for the good life.

for honor

For Honor:
An Adventure of What
Might Have Been

By Kat Jaske
Can one woman save a country? Can she do it as a lady musketeer and fencer in 17th-century France, and can she and the musketeers grant a hero’s final wish?


Gambit For Love of a Queen
By Kat Jaske
What if Queen Anne of 17th-century France has been kidnapped and Laurel and the musketeers try to find and rescue her without telling King Louis XIII? And what happens to the musketeers and France if they fail?

redhead from alpha centauri

The Redhead
From Alpha Centauri

By Krishna Kumar
and Robert Jai
Will Shanti, the E.T., escape the assasins of the Planet Preservation Society? Will she choose the love of Moq, the heir to a Canadian billionaire, or of Kris, the
American Astronomer?

for time and eternity

For Time and All Eternity:
Love Never Dies

By Karla Lee LaVoie
My husband committed suicide after a horrific head injury. I was there, unable to stop him, felt a door in my life slam shut before another one opened.
But love never dies."

dons of necropolis

The Dons of Necropolis
By Richard Louis
Ricky needs to unearth why his father committed suicide on Christmas Eve twenty years ago. He returns to New York as a Funeral Director to investigate rumors that his father’s suicide was murder. There he gets caught in an intricate web of organized crime, secret cults and unspeakable atrocities. He came back to find the truth,
instead he found his apocalypse.

Breathe Better, Live in Wellness: Winning Your Battle Over Shortness of Breath by Jane M. Martin

Breathe Better, Live in Wellness:
Winning Your Battle Over Shortness of Breath

By Jane M. Martin
This new book by respiratory therapist and teacher, Jane M. Martin, provides easy-to-understand and pleasant-to-read material for those diagnosed with a chronic lung disease – Emphysema, COPD, Asthma,
or other lung disorder.

Inspirations: Stories of Breathing Better abd Living Well by Jabe M. Martin
Stories of Breathing Better and Living Well

By Jane M. Martin
You or someone you know has been diagnosed with a chronic lung disease. It may be emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, A-1AD, or other breathing disorder. Whatever the case, living day to day with shortness of breath can lead to feelings of confusion, anger, loneliness, and fear. There is help and hope! In Inspirations you’ll find real people who have learned to survive and thrive in their daily struggle with shortness of breath through courage, humor, and wisdom. With their stories, Jane Martin has presented an inspiring portrait of the extraordinary power of the human spirit.

leadership tips 52 weeks to business and personal success

Leadership Tips:
52 Weeks to Business
and Personal Success

By Mary Ann Masur
Leadership Tips is a collection of stories that provide insight into how to be successful in your personal and business life. The lessons focus on leadership, team building, communication, customer service and
work/life balance.

9/11 Children

9/11 Children
By Javad Mohsenian, MD
The worst attack on American soil scarred a nation, including its children. In a multi-cultural setting in a Philadelphia school, the tension in Michael’s class was growing. Why can’t everyone get along? Why can’t Joseph control himself? When the problem comes to a head, Michael decides to take matters into his own hands. He leads his classmates to organize a club to understand and celebrate their differences toward a constructive cause. As the fifth anniversary of the disaster recently passed, the 9/11 Children’s Club is one that every child and every parent should know about. Dr. Mohsenian brings a special perspective to the story as he is an Iranian, and a child psychatrist practicing in
suburban Philadelphia.

perfect steel trap harpers ferry 1859

The Perfect Steel Trap
Harpers Ferry 1859

By Bob O’Connor
This historical novel is about the John Brown raid, trial, execution and the raiders who got away. The book has been named a finalist in the 2006 Fiction & Literature Historical Fiction category in Best
Book Awards presented by USABookNews.com, “the preniere online magazine and review web site for mainstream and independent publishing houses.” Two other Infinity authors were also recognized in their categories.

three years apart

3 Years Apart
By Michael J. Oswald
3 Years Apart is the story of a boy who is about to become a big brother. It begins with what he feels and thinks as he awaits the arrival of his brother or sister and continues, after his sister Jessie, arrives as he experiences the joys and the angst of life with a younger sibling. The focus shifts in the third chapter to Jessie’s point of view, and what she, as a now four year old, remembers and feels about the role big brother Jack has played so far in her life. The fourth chapter takes a leap into the future where a grown-up Jessie has a phone conversation with a grown up Jack. Designed for children ages 4-10, 3 Years Apart is a story for parents to read with their children and discuss
as a family.

serious stories for children

Serious Stories For Children

By Michael J. Oswald
Serious Stories for Children were written to teach children how a young person might react to a real life situation and how to resolve their feelings positively. Many parents, teachers and counselors recognize the importance of the growth and development of children in the areas of self esteem, relationships and good mental health. Children like stories that show things as they really are and solutions to problems that they can really use. In our very busy and fast paced world, feelings are often neglected or ignored. Serious Stories for Children tries to help remind all of us that feelings are important and as adults we have a responsibility to our children to guide them and help them with their feelings as they grow and develop. Real life stories for children
and their adults.

dear jenny

Dear Jenny
By Michael J. Oswald
The “Growing Up Stories” are an entertaining view of the growing up of the author’s youngest daughter; his ‘Dear Jenny’. These easy reading stories tell young children tales of Jenny’s life with her parents, sisters and dog. The whimsical illustrations bring Jenny to life for the young listener. From a babe in arms to a big girl, Jenny’s “Growing Up Stories” are endearing tales that will provide good storytime experiences for everyone, as they have for Jenny herself.

discoveries: a journey through life

Discoveries: A Journey Through Life
By Shirley Ann Parker
Seventeen delightful short stories about the joys and exasperations of family and friendships. From the “everyday” world around us to magical realism.

super wisdom

Seven Vital Secrets
for a Rich and Purpose-Filled Life

By Tom Russell
Convert daily life experiences
into supreme opportunities
to gather wisdom.

not invented here

Not Invented Here
By David Shapiro
Aerospace historical stories
not previously exposed in the media
the goigolo and the gold digger

The Gigolo & The Gold Digger
By David Shapiro
Widowed seniors fall in love - siblings schemes
to break them up. 

Lunker (A Branson Tale)
By Richard O. Snelson
Maybe it was bad judgment that led pro bass fisherman John Lunker Johnson to go fishing on the morning of his wedding; fishing buddies would say, “He had to go.” After all the Big Lilly Bean Tournament was only a few days away and tournament competition takes “LOTS” of practice. Needless to say his bride to be, was more than a little upset when he finally made it to town that night, wet and tired, way too late for his wedding. Would she believe his “tail”of an accident? Lunker’s troubles grow as he and his newfound buddy Red work to fight the Chicago Hoods trying to move in on the warm home-spun Branson entertainment scene.

Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery:

Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery:
Things You’ll Never Learn
From Your Plastic Surgeon

By Lois W. Stern
Cosmetic Surgery might enhance your sex life as well as your appearance. But is it for you? Use this book of how-tos and anecdotals to help you answer important questions including: What can I expect? Is it for me? How do I choose?
Will I be happier?

reinventing myself: memoirs of a retired professor

Reinventing Myself:
Memoirs of a Retired Professor

By Marlys Marshall Styne
About aging, retirement, teaching, travel, and writing. I hope to encourage everyone, especially my fellow seniors, to write for themselves and their families.

Stop When You See Red by Carol M. Welsh

Stop When You See Red (Revised Edition)
By Carol M. Welsh
Through this powerful book, you will learn why your actions or reactions to people are motivated
by how you perceive them.


Harmonics by John (Jack) Wolf

By John (Jack) Wolf
Conquering your past can be fatal to your future. This tale tells of an ancient people that have a strong passion to return home.
Home is the planet Mars.

orphan records

Orphan Records
By John (Jack) Wolf
Surviving the future with cyber savvy.

a dark and stormy knight

A Dark and Stormy Knight
By John (Jack) Wolf
Make history stand up and deliver.

Save the First Dance for You

Save the First Dance for You
The Complete Nurse’s Guide to Serving Your Profession, Your Patient,
and Yourself

By Doris Young. Ph.D., R.N.

The Medical You
By Lillian Shah
and Laura Messinger
All in one place, a Red Notebook.

(No image available)


What Part of Thou Shalt Not
Don’t You Understand?

By Christine Spatafora
This book brings into perspective the pressures and stresses of today. It asks the questions, have our priorities been distorted? Have we been desensitized, conditioned by marketing, advertising and the media? This book asks the questions you will answer yourself and be astounded by the simplicity of your answers.
Terror Strikes
(coming: Spring 2007)
By Joseph M. Lenard
The next Al-Qaeda terror attack...
do you dare be uninformed?

inside the business of publishing: what writers need to know

The Business of Publishing:
What Writers Need to Know
About Publishing

By Jerry D.Simmons
This is not an Infinity author, but Jerry Simmons, former VP at
Time-Warner Books, was a keynote speaker at the 2006 Infinity Publishing Conference.

Write It Right
The Ground Rules for
Self-Editing Like the Pros

By Lauren Hidden and Dawn Josephson
This is not an Infinity book, but Lauren, who is a virtual assistant, attended the last conference.
Co-authors Dawn Josephson and Lauren Hidden have released the second book in The Ground Rules™ series, Write It Right: The Ground Rules for Self-Editing Like the Pros. Co-author Dawn Josephson is the founder and President of Cameo Publications, and the author of Putting It On Paper: Creating Promotional Pieces that Sell Books. This is Lauren Hidden’s first published book. It is now available through Cameo Publications web site.
Make your book shine! Editing, proofing, ghostwriting, research and transcription services.
Free consultation.


Infinity Publishing Conference Panel Discussion: From Networking to Marketing: Authors Helping Authors, Presented by Susan C. Haley, Lois W. Stern, Michael Kleiner, Donna Jaske and Jerry Simmons, former Vice President of Time-Warner Books. Melanie Rigney facilitated. Listen to the podcast.

Listen to Infinity Authors read excerpts from their books at the Infinity Publishing Conference Reading Circle.

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